Let’s teach the web, offline! A design canvas and a new kit.

At Webmaker, we’ve been scheming and discussing potential solutions to a key challenge for a while — how can we empower educators to teach the web using peer-to-peer methods in regions where computers and web connectivity aren’t a given?

Enter this Design Canvas, an analog effort to help makers prototype Webmaker Teaching Kits together on paper before going online. I situate this Canvas within a larger hands-on prototyping exercise which implements some pretty radical participatory design methods, in the hope that it can improve the in-person experiences of mentors and participants alike…

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A Mozilla winter: Web-makers, co-designers and curriculum-bakers…

Since moving back to Vancouver and taking on a role as Curation and Co-Design Lead on Mozilla’s ultra-talented #TeachTheWeb team, I’ve been doing a lot of exactly that — co-designing — and while such a job brief might not be about the type of design you’re thinking of, it’s been equally wonderful in its grey-area fluidity. The term co-design comes from an approach out of 1970s Scandinavia called Participatory Design, which starts from the premise that all people are inherently creative, and therefore able to play an *active* role in a design and development arc. In Norway, this manifested in a revolutionary movement of trade unionists and academics at the Norwegian Iron and Metal Workers Union to directly involve factory workers in the design of computer technologies imposed on them by employers, empowering them to become stakeholders who were directly involved in the research process…

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this is a scroll of machines bits, drawings + words from a desert grown she-wolf at mozilla spawned in las vegas, vancouver and london.


+ LIBRE GRAPHICS 2013 / 12 april / madrid
"keynote: the future of open design"
+ NEXTGEN WEB BROADBAND / 9 oct / london
"panel: transparency & inclusion"
+ CAMPUS PARTY / 23 august / berlin
"panel: role of women in EU politics"
+ FAB*MANCH / 19 may / manchester, uk
"the open design definition"
+ RE:PUBLICA / 2 may / berlin, germany
"hacking open data for communities"
+ FREE CITY / 26 april / tallinn, estonia
"open knowledge & OKFestival"
+ PUBLIC MEETUP / 6 april / thessaloniki
"open data and OKFN chapters"


as kaibray, i explore intersections between open technologies, creativities + communities - and how they can change our world.


in 2011, i released a MSc digital anthropology thesis on the role of gender embodiment and identity amongst F/LOSS hackers in Europe with university college london...


i also keep a jumbled assortment of design inspirations + web crazy on neon lobsters. comments, ideas, trolling? find me on twitter ;)